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Navigating in Woods

Search, Rescue & Recovery

Iowa SAR K9
Coalition & Fund

A fund established to support independent K9 handlers in Iowa. 


Nationally certified K9 teams are deployed to locate the odor of decomposition of remains of deceased individuals. They are trained on land, water, cold-cases, crime scene detection, and burials.

Our K9 teams have experience detecting as little as a few drops of blood to pinpointing the location of a body in a river or lake. We train regularly to locate skeletal remains associated with cold cases.


Our handlers are trained to assess a search area to determine the strategies most likely to end in a successful result.  

The K9 Teams

Our K9s are single-purpose and nationally certified. We deploy at the request of law enforcement for a variety of missing person and criminal scenarios. 

In addition to the extensive K9 training, handlers are trained in crime scene preservation, search strategy, first aid, navigation, search management and incident management.

Teams utilize GPS and mapping technology to complete search reports that provide accurate and thorough documentation to law enforcement of the activities and results of our K9 teams.


Nationally certified K9 teams are deployed to locate lost individuals. Unlike police K9s, our K9s are trained to follow the scent of specific individuals in contaminated scenes.

Our tracking/trailing dogs have assisted in locating toddlers, elderly adults and people with disabilities who have wandered from their home or family. They have also assisted with criminal run-aways. 

It is critical that the tracking/trailing teams are called as soon as possible - an early call increases the chances of a successful result. 



Iowa SAR K9 is a coalition of independent, unpaid, professional K9 search & rescue handlers. The Iowa SAR K9 Fund was established to support the extensive expenses associated with ongoing training, certification, deployment and equipment needs.  


Free of charge, our nationally certified teams assist local, state and federal agencies in locating lost or missing loved ones.  For decades law enforcement has relied on certified, mission ready K9s to assist in a variety of specific crimes and emergencies. 


Simply put – certified, mission ready K9s can do things that cannot be replicated by humans, machines or technology and they have become a highly sought after resource by law enforcement. The Iowa SAR K9 Coalition is committed to providing only the most qualified teams of handlers and K9s.

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